Secret of Successful Corporate Events

July 29th, 201111:42 pm @ smtd90


Secret of Successful Corporate Events

There’s a good chance that you’ve attended corporate events in the past, the good one’s look easy, everything just seems to flow and many people think “I could do that”. The truth is that you probably can do it but to make it a success you need precision planning, an eye for detail and the ability to problem solve before they arise!

So when you have a blank piece of paper and are thinking about your specific corporate event, you need to start very simply and ask what it is that you want to organise. It may be a conference, a team building event, evening entertainment or a whole host of different corporate functions but it’s vital that you are clear as to what your objectives are.

You then have to think about attendance levels, how many people are you going to invite and how many people do you think will actually accept and turn up on the day? This is crucial for selecting the right sized venue and event room within it, over estimate the numbers and your corporate event will look unpopular as your room will seem empty but under estimate and you could be left looking inefficient as seating and refreshments could be a problem.

Plan the date of your corporate events very carefully. Ensure that your critical guests can actually make the date before you extend the invitation to everyone. Avoid times that you know you will be competing against peak work or holiday commitments. Think about the actual day of the week that you host the event on.

The most popular day is a Thursday, you’ll most likely get a good turn out on a Thursday but you’ll also have more competition for your guests time on a Thursday. Mondays and Tuesdays are not so popular and you can often get a good deal from the venue on these days – weigh up what’s most important to your company.

Understanding your budget and what you can achieve with it is a crucial factor. Most often when you are considering corporate events, the old cliche of less is more is certainly the case. Better to offer less but of a higher standard than to offer lots of low quality elements because your guests will remember if something was of low quality.

Think about what you want your guests to take away with them from your event. Is it hard facts and information, is it a sense of team spirit and unity or is it the feeling that your company cares and offers good hospitality? Whichever lasting impression you want your guests to have, keep this in mind while planning your event and keep asking yourself, would this give a good impression to you as a guest?

These are really just the tip of the iceberg in organising a successful corporate event but hopefully it will set you on the right track when starting to organise your important function.