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Effective Web Page Design →  July 27, 2011

The highly competitive world of online marketing and e-commerce in general requires a set of development skills that only experienced web page design professionals can provide. The site host who only has one approach to getting their product or service noticed will be left far behind in the dust, waiting in vain for those all-important [...]

→  July 27, 2011

We have seen a phenomenal rise in the number of blogs published in recent years. A large number of webmasters (amateur and professional) are making use of blogs to accomplish one of many services that a blog can provide. Some are using blogs to promote other websites that they manage. Some are simply using blogs [...]

10 Website Design Decisions Your Business Need to Makes →  July 27, 2011

You may be on your first website. But more likely you’re faced with redesigning a website that isn’t functioning as well as it should. I see 12 vital decisions involved with developing a website, and I want to explain them with you in mind: >You’re the owner or marketing director of a small business and [...]

Search Engine Optimization for e-commerce Websites →  July 27, 2011

Search Engine Optimization is the most important and the fastest growing methodologies of the market today. More and more business firms are turning towards this methodology for propagating and selling out their services or products through the World Wide Web medium. This trend has got the people into effectively taking up ecommerce activities like online [...]

Difference Between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 →  July 27, 2011

There has been much debate over the development of the World Wide Web and even more effort put into accurately naming its various developmental stages. As the debate rages on, it leaves many to wonder, what do the terms Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 mean? Which one are we in right now? In 1999, the [...]

Make Your Business Blog Amusing →  July 27, 2011

However, great company blogs are a dime in a dozen. The majority of blogs headed by companies is dry and has no traits that make them stand out from the rest. In order to gain blog subscribers and actually make company blogging worth the investment of time or resources required, keep the following social media [...]